Workspace of the Future

April 14, 2022

What do young professionals want from a work space?

Every generation defines itself in a different way from the previous one. Whether that is breaking new barriers or redefining what is important to them as they juggle their work-life balance, there will always be new perspectives and challenges.

The same can be said for expectations of a work space – with a different mindset, work ethic and motivation to the one before, younger generations can be more demanding of their workplaces.

According to Capital One’s 2019 Work Environment Survey, almost all respondents said they can do their jobs better in a well-designed office that prioritised elements such as natural light and flexible design that enables them to adapt spaces to their needs.

So, what considerations are important when it comes to designing office spaces that both inspire and meet the needs of young professionals.

1. Flexibility

This isn’t just about working hours, this is about creating a flexible office that promotes collaborative working among colleagues. As the office evolves, it means designing in fewer fixed desks and including more comfortable, collaborative spaces that encourage people to share knowledge and ideas. But when people want to focus on a task, they seek quiet areas and zones – including private meeting rooms for Zoom calls and study carrels – in which to work alone.

2. Healthy, sustainable building

Gone are the days of strip lights and windowless offices. Young professionals rightly demand that businesses invest in making sure their work spaces provide decent levels of ventilation, natural daylight, natural materials and plants. With a generation inclined towards entrepreneurship and innovative thinking, young professionals want to feel inspired and healthy throughout the day, every day.

3. Amenities

Kitchens, lounge and/or outside space in which to relax or work informally, a gym, safe bicycle storage facilities and a shower in which to freshen up after commuting – these are the expected norms for today’s discerning office professional. All of these aspects were designed in to 12 King Street at the outset as we understood the importance of creating an environment that was welcoming and warm, yet professional and fit for purpose for the modern office occupier.

4. Technology

Reliability and consistency are key if digital-native professionals are to maintain their productivity and efficiency levels in the office. At 12 King Street, we have achieved the highest rating – Platinum – from WiredScore, the global digital connectivity certification system. This guarantees that our digital capabilities are future-proof and resilient, while users can expect a strong wi-fi signal, wherever they are in the building.

If you are looking for a grade A office space in the heart of Leeds that will demonstrate to your teams that you are serious about giving them a first-class work environment, 12 King Street could be your next home. Want to find out more? Head here for more details and to arrange a visit.


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