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September 13, 2022

The benefits of working at 12 King Street

For many employees, remote working has offered significant benefits through reduced commuting and a better, healthier, work life balance.  However, it seems that more people are choosing to come back to the office – whether down to an increased need for social interaction or to achieve better work and home boundaries or to mitigate the effect of rising energy costs at home, there is a continuing need for employers and workplaces to offer a ‘best of both worlds’ hybrid approach and a work environment which prioritises the wellbeing of people.

Office professionals are increasingly seeking a comfortable working environment with a diverse range of spaces – communal spaces where they can engage, come together, share ideas and network, or independent working spaces where they can achieve maximum productivity and meet work deadlines, all with first-class technology and outstanding digital connectivity throughout.

As any business leader will know, collaboration, creativity and communication are hugely important for a modern organisation, and a 21st century office environment facilitates each of these, combining to create spaces where both business and people can thrive.

There is evidence that the environment in which people work can have a profound effect on wellbeing and productivity levels and this is something 12 King Street has embraced in its comprehensive refurbishment.  With a calming colour palette throughout, 12 King Street incorporates luxe breakout lounges and inspiring spaces to encourage creative thinking, team collaboration and social interaction.

Flexibility is a vital element of the redesign at 12 King Street: after all, modern office spaces now must compete with the home office. So, there are spaces where staff can relax, entertain, or work away from their usual desks. These also include biophilic elements – natural planting features that help to connect with nature, inspire and induce calm. Coupled with expansive natural light from the large windows, 12 King Street is a healthy building that encourages wellbeing and productivity.

A workspace also needs to engender a sense of belonging – the creation of a community of co-workers. To this end, 12 King Street also has a magnificent networking and events space: the Sky Lounge and Roof Garden on the seventh floor, which enjoys panoramic views of Leeds city centre. With planting, heat lamps outside, comfy seating and a kitchenette, it is ideal for relaxing in or for hosting business events.

Right in the heart of the Leeds Business Improvement District (BID), 12 King Street is a Grade A, BREEAM Excellent building that is designed to help people feel healthy and well when they are working.

If you think your team and business could benefit from the gold standard of office space at 12 King Street, contact us for more information or arrange a viewing.


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