12 King Street Leeds will provide prestigious space extending across seven floors of market leading accommodation.

A New Chapter

As we begin to share our journey on 12 King Street Leeds, we are delighted to invite you to join us, to read about and enjoy our proposition. Tackling the transition of previous office space: a hard, fixed, and physical product, 12 King Street offers a soft, flexible, and customised service, undefined by traditional constraints. This prestigious space extending across seven floors of market-leading accommodation will be readily available for your business transition from Winter 2021.

A New Environment

Offering optimum flexibility with up to 54,368 sq ft (5,051.0 sq m), 12 King Street Leeds can be allocated bespoke to your needs. Typical floor plates measure approximately 8.000 sq ft.

We are keen to understand your requirements as our potential customer and tailor a bespoke solution around your needs. There is time to ensure effective collaboration, allowing us to deliver a tailored solution around your fit-out requirements, which will pass on savings to your business by working together now.

Our commitment to you ensures that we not only demonstrate transparency but also speed of communication as we work together with the result of building an office solution and transaction terms which are catered to your needs.

We would love to invite you on board as an early adopter within 12 King Street Leeds.