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February 24, 2022

Smarter and better connected: what WiredScore Platinum means for our tenants

It’s official: 12 King Street is one of the highest performing office buildings in the country in terms of broadband and telecom infrastructure!

Digital connectivity has never been so important for business – faster, more reliable broadband is the cornerstone for organisations that want to be collaborative, dynamic and productive. It’s why many businesses looking for new premises emphasise the need for a solid, reliable broadband service when they are talking to developers and landlords.

It’s why we are proud that 12 King Street has achieved the highest rating from WiredScore, the global digital connectivity certification system. Having Platinum certification means our office space is designed and equipped for modern business, through enhanced digital capability, a reliable broadband service and widespread mobile coverage in the office.

The WiredScore measures five aspects of a building’s digital capabilities:

  • Resilience – assessing how secure the digital infrastructure is and how reliable the broadband is.
  • Future readiness – is the building and digital system future proof?
  • Mobile reach – from the basement and lift to the far corners of the office, is there reliable mobile phone coverage?
  • Choice of providers – how many providers are there that offer high-speed fibre broadband?
  • User experience – Is the Wi-Fi strong in every corner of the building?

To attain certification, the building’s digital infrastructure is assessed and audited by a WiredScore engineer. WiredScore recommends improvements, if necessary, and can award four levels of certification:

Certification demonstrates a building has satisfactory levels of digital connectivity.

Silver demonstrates a building has business-critical digital features and can meet most occupiers’ technological needs.

Gold, which demonstrates an impressive connectivity capacity that can meet occupiers’ demands.

Platinum, the most coveted award that proves the building has scored the highest marks for standards in its wired infrastructure and wireless network.

For us, achieving the Platinum score for technology was our main aim and we are incredibly proud to have installed such an exceptional standard of digital infrastructure and technology for occupiers, who can be assured about the speed and reliability of connectivity at 12 King Street.

It’s one in a long list of features that makes this Grade A, BREAAM excellent building such an attractive prospect for ambitious businesses looking to make Leeds their home.

If you can see your business fitting in at 12 King Street, contact us to find out more or to arrange a visit.


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