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March 24, 2021

How to support mental health in the workplace

Over the last 10 years, supporting mental health in the workplace has been prioritised by businesses regionally, nationally and internationally. And for good reason: people living with mental health problems contribute an estimated £226 billion gross value (12.1%) to UK GDP. So supporting the wellbeing of your employees is not only significant in cultivating a positive business culture, but is vital in generating high levels of productivity and, ultimately, profit. 

In order to safeguard the mental wellbeing of your employees, it’s time to start to scrutinise the support you are offering at your workplace. Here at 12 King Street, we know that can seem a little daunting at first, so we thought we’d provide tips on how your business can support mental health in the workplace. 


A Supportive Culture

All businesses should be aiming to create a workplace culture where mental health issues can be discussed openly in a safe, appropriate and welcoming manner. That can be easier said than done, so start off with training workshops, resource sharing, and developing a mental health strategy. This will kickstart your commitment to mental health and signify to your employees your desire to deliver a supportive workplace. 

Make sure this information is integrated at every level of your business – from those calling the shots on your leadership team to the interns who are taking their first steps on the career ladder.

Creating this open and honest culture ensures that there is a no judgement policy when individuals need to take Mental Health Days, seek guidance or ask for adjustments to be made. 


A Supportive Structure 

In order to cultivate this welcoming ethos, your workplace should aim to have structures set in play to make your goals a reality. This could take the form of monthly one to ones with managers, appointed mental health champions who offer weekly slots for chats, or the opportunity to provide regular wellbeing-orientated feedback.

This mental health framework also needs to be flexible, allowing for adjustments to be made in order to help alleviate any worries your employees might have. This could include offering flexible hours, increased supervision, more feedback, extra training, or changes to the role itself. 

These shifts to the structure of the individuals day, or job, will help them feel supported and valued by your company. 


A Supportive Space

Being able to create a welcoming workplace is only possible if you have an office space that can back it up. 

Bright, flexible spaces with relaxation areas are an effective tool to combat low moods, so consider including break out areas, lounges and outdoor spaces in your future office space. And if you’ve got the space to offer meditation, yoga or fitness classes, then your employees will definitely thank you. 

This, when combined with the flexibility to create a designated safe space where open discussions are encouraged, are positive ways to utilise your office space to aid your employees with their personal and professional wellbeing. 

Here at 12 King Street, we pride ourselves on our office’s myriad of amenities and facilities that can positively impact on the wellbeing of your businesses employees. From our roof terrace to our light open plan offices to our cycle facilities, we’ve got a ready-made supportive environment to help your business on its journey of mental health awareness. 


And that’s it

Those are a few tips from us to start you on your journey of supporting mental health in the workplace. 

The workplace mental health and wellbeing survey identified that 86% of all respondents believed that being at work was important to protecting their mental health, so aiming to prioritise mental health is a worthwhile endeavour that your employees will be grateful for. 

If you want to relocate to an office that is ideal for boosting the wellbeing of your employees, get in touch with our agents Knight Frank on 0113 246 1533 or Fox Lloyd Jones on 0113 243 1133. And for more information on our premium office development follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for regular updates. 


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