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March 24, 2022

How 12 King Street can contribute to your team’s health and wellbeing

Over the past few years, there has been a growing interest in wellbeing in the workplace and what this actually means for organisations and for their employees.

While much of this lies in the culture of individual businesses and how they work with their teams to ensure they provide a safe, nurturing and positive work environment, it is clear that the building in which they operate also plays a central role.


There is a wealth of evidence that shows the design of a building is a key driver in helping to improve people’s wellbeing, health, and – ultimately – productivity.

If people work in an office that has poor lighting and ventilation, as well as inadequate thermal comfort and bad acoustics, it can have a negative impact, and ultimately can contribute to stress and increased sick days.

It is why we have purposely ensured that the refurbishment of 12 King Street puts occupier wellbeing front and centre of the design, as part of the all-important sustainability and ESG agenda. It’s not enough to have an office that is merely “not harmful” – there have to be positive interventions and installations that actually deliver tangible benefits.

Natural daylight is one of the main priorities. According to a 2021 poll in the USA , employees said it improves their overall happiness and wellbeing and work performance, while a lack of natural daylight resulted in them feeling tired. Research by Cornell University also found that natural daylight reduces eyestrain and feelings of fatigue.

12 King Street, which is targeting BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating, has floor-to-ceiling glazing that provides significant levels of natural daylight into the building. Not only does that contribute to positive wellbeing, it also reduces the need for artificial lighting.

Fresh air is another vital component and a report by the British Council for Offices (BCO) in 2018 stressed the business case for improving indoor air quality. We have installed intelligent fresh air management, ensuring occupiers enjoy good levels of ventilation that will help to keep them healthy.

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A comfortable temperature is derived from VRF fan coil units, which allow simultaneous heating and cooling to multiple spaces, resulting in occupiers benefitting from fresh air ventilation and a comfortable environment in which to work. There is also zoned heating and cooling, thanks to intelligent sensors.

Outdoor space is another good way to enhance well-being and 12 King Street has invested in the Sky Lounge and Roof Garden on the seventh floor, with panoramic views, planting, heat lamps outside, comfy seating and a kitchenette – ideal for relaxing or hosting events.

If you want your team to enjoy a healthy workplace environment that prioritises their wellbeing, head here for more details on 12 King Street and to arrange a visit.


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