Workspace of the Future

June 21, 2022

A new era for offices

In the past two years, it is clear the roles of offices have changed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

While having an office space remains vital to the overwhelming majority of businesses – and to employees who enjoy collaborating with their colleagues – there is a change in the expectations of both employers and employees, with the result that the services and facilities office landlords provide are having to adapt to new standards.

What does this mean for office design?

Offices are taking cues from the hotel industry to develop a different style of workplace, with five-star management services and club-like facilities, to ensure they are attractive and enticing. Although the trend of ‘hotelification’ is not new, it has certainly increased in importance over the last few years, and the concept has been fully embraced at 12 King Street.

As the only new office building in the Leeds Central Business District, we focused on three key areas that were underpinned by a people-first and sustainable approach: design, health and infrastructure. This triumvirate has allowed us to create the gold standard of office working, fit for a modern workforce in a Grade A, BREEAM Excellent building – because we understand that workplaces impact how people interact, feel, think and work.

12 King Street incorporates luxe breakout lounges and inspiring spaces to encourage creative thinking, team collaboration and social interaction. There are spaces where staff can relax, entertain or work away from their usual desk, and, to fulfil an important aspect of wellbeing, biophilic design features that help to calm and connect with nature. Coupled with expansive natural light from the large windows, 12 King Street is a healthy building that encourages productivity.

Much as you would expect when visiting a hotel, the in-building concierge service will be a touchpoint for occupiers and visitors to get help with any work needs, such as access, technology and local information, and it will also help to organise events, such as morning Pilates classes, talks with guest speakers and networking events in the Sky Lounge and roof terrace, which is open to all tenants.

12 King Street offers a post Covid-19 contemporary workspace in the heart of Leeds, where technology, open spaces, roof gardens, fresh air management, combined with an exemplary approach to customer service, ensures a work environment that is both best-in-class and fit-for-purpose.

An office is more than just a place to work – it’s a place to build professional relationships, to be creative and to engage with colleagues. The creation of comfortable, flexible and collaborative spaces is the priority as we continue to welcome more people back to the office.

If you want to find out how relocating your team to 12 King Street could enhance your business goals and improve your staff wellbeing, contact us for more information or arrange a viewing.


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